Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hi, it's me again!

Went for a run this evening, and had a cup of warm soya bean milk, a small portion of fried vermicelli and some broccoli for dinner. The run was made easier with pictures of Ucchi's running exercises from training today! HEHE! I'm all sticky and smelly now even though I'm all cooled down. But there are a lot a lot of people running in the evening compared to the morning. Sometimes some people stare, and I really feel like shouting in their faces, quit staring! Urgh.

Anyway, just wanted to post smthg coz the alignment of the second paragraph in the previous post is haywired and I don't know how to fix it. Counting down to start of training, a new phase of life for me..

Hi, it's me! Had my convocation yesterday afternoon at Nanyang Auditorium! Yay 5th August 2014, 2:00PM. Everywhere was so crowded with parents, grandparents, friends, relatives, and graduates! Luckily the weather was not that crazy hot, if not I would have died in that academic robe and mortarboard.
Such a pity my Supervisor wasn't there as he had to attend his brother's wedding in the Ireland. Meh. Anyway, its a watershed moment definitely, transiting from student to alumnus, and I don't ever think that I will be going back to school anymore so yesterday was ultra special. We cannot go back anymore, but the memories were so good to keep for a lifetime. Although university life was not easy, with the assignments, academic papers and finally the FYP, I had fun in NTU. Though I would not deny that certain nightmares of my life in NTU still made me shudder at the thought of them (e.g. Dancesport). But still, all in all, it was a very well-rounded experience.

Caly and Julitta came all the way to NTU for my convocation to which I was extremely touched and pleased. These two girls have walked the furthest with me, through A Levels and now through University graduation. And I do not intend for anything to stop here. Because we will go through the next chapters of our lives together! So cheers to our friendship, for many many long years to come! I really liked the pink hydrangea bouquet which the girls got for me. Although I am not exactly a fan of flowers, because they wilt and die away, I felt so happy to get that from them! <3 They lugged my bags, walked up and down here and there with me to take photos and all. We had KFC in school for dinner and Caly had to take the Green Line all the way back to Tampines. ><

The smile I had on my face yesterday hid four years of hard work, stress, tears and laughter. But how many will know the pain behind the gain?

And last but not the least, a shot outside an LT which I never had class in hahaha!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Hey it's me!

Just watched this week's AnS for Ucchi! <3
He's such a charming darling... although it was not as crazy funny as some other eps I've watched (coz Ucchi's not an entertainer but a soccer player), it was nice to see these Japanese gentlemen sit down, eat and talk real.
Kinda envy everything about these six dears, everything about them seems so out of a photobook. Their pictures (and I'm not referring to studio shots but those informal ones which we all take all the time), the way they talk to one another, their lives etc. seems like everything's fit to a T.
I want a pretty face too :(

Today's the sister's convocation. Home alone for me.
Tomorrow's mine, but instead of the excitement, I am kind of dreading it.
With parents in toll, and too many groups of friends, its very hard to arrange. One of them is pissed and I have to deal with that. I don't like it.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Hi, its me again...

Wanted to enhance my dieting by going for an evening run, but it poured just as I was about to start running.
Now I am back home after a short sprint back in the rain and the evening sun is golden with only light drizzle.
Why this bad timing/luck?

Not to mention, I was trying to sign up for the NTU Fest Run and got into payment issues.
Had to call up the bank a couple of times and e-mail the online merchant which I bought stuff off the Internet few days back.

All in all, nothing's done, but a whole lot of hassle.

Hi, it's me..

Worrying about being able to make new friends or not in my batch. :/
What if I get alienated or become an outcast of the group...
4 months is not short... and it will get sick if I am sabotaged...

Will try my best to put on a smiley face and get through,
but please let them be nice, friendly and inclusive people...

Sometimes, I want to just live alone with my mind and imagination. :(

It's a boring day today, trying to start dieting but I am so damn depressed at the same time.