Monday, 4 August 2014

Hey it's me!

Just watched this week's AnS for Ucchi! <3
He's such a charming darling... although it was not as crazy funny as some other eps I've watched (coz Ucchi's not an entertainer but a soccer player), it was nice to see these Japanese gentlemen sit down, eat and talk real.
Kinda envy everything about these six dears, everything about them seems so out of a photobook. Their pictures (and I'm not referring to studio shots but those informal ones which we all take all the time), the way they talk to one another, their lives etc. seems like everything's fit to a T.
I want a pretty face too :(

Today's the sister's convocation. Home alone for me.
Tomorrow's mine, but instead of the excitement, I am kind of dreading it.
With parents in toll, and too many groups of friends, its very hard to arrange. One of them is pissed and I have to deal with that. I don't like it.

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